Why is Tony Almeida back in 24? (Any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental)

   * He didn't find the light to walk into, so he just u-turned. 11 votes (9%)
   * The devil sent him back to earth b/c he didn't complete his mission...the devil stayed blurry about the mission..we don't know if it has to do with revenge or coffee. 6 votes (5%)
   * The car dealer when he learned about his death: "you can't die, you haven't finished to pay for your car". 5 votes (4%)
   * The Wells Fargo banker: "The bills are waiting...so either you resuscitate, either you mortgage". 3 votes (3%)
   * Cassar after drinking a whole Evan Williams whisky bottle: "I'm gonna do something really stupid, I'm gonna bring back Tony" (ouais bravo). 23 votes (18%)
   * When Jack was done bawling like a baby, he remembered he knew first aid and began the CPR...Tony spent months in a coma. 27 votes (21%)
   * It's the Blue fairy who was sick of turning wooden puppets into real boys and who challenged herself. 3 votes (3%)
   * Tony is the natural son of a unicorn and a phoenix, we're expecting his horn to grow anytime now. 6 votes (5%)
   * Tony has two hidden twins. They are coming in turn to CTU. 7 votes (6%)
   * The clock didn't go mute. The staff is really sorry about the unpleasant occurence, they bought a brand new clock for this season. 39 votes (30%)

Thx to those of you who were fun enough to actually answer the poll :)