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Sunday 30 December 2007

To the funny man trying to trash the comments

We have a very good antispam...We don't even have to delete your comments make yourself a favor and move're pathetic.

Tuesday 25 December 2007

Poll results

Why is Tony Almeida back in 24? (Any resemblance to actual events or persons is purely coincidental)

   * He didn't find the light to walk into, so he just u-turned. 11 votes (9%)
   * The devil sent him back to earth b/c he didn't complete his mission...the devil stayed blurry about the mission..we don't know if it has to do with revenge or coffee. 6 votes (5%)
   * The car dealer when he learned about his death: "you can't die, you haven't finished to pay for your car". 5 votes (4%)
   * The Wells Fargo banker: "The bills are either you resuscitate, either you mortgage". 3 votes (3%)
   * Cassar after drinking a whole Evan Williams whisky bottle: "I'm gonna do something really stupid, I'm gonna bring back Tony" (ouais bravo). 23 votes (18%)
   * When Jack was done bawling like a baby, he remembered he knew first aid and began the CPR...Tony spent months in a coma. 27 votes (21%)
   * It's the Blue fairy who was sick of turning wooden puppets into real boys and who challenged herself. 3 votes (3%)
   * Tony is the natural son of a unicorn and a phoenix, we're expecting his horn to grow anytime now. 6 votes (5%)
   * Tony has two hidden twins. They are coming in turn to CTU. 7 votes (6%)
   * The clock didn't go mute. The staff is really sorry about the unpleasant occurence, they bought a brand new clock for this season. 39 votes (30%)

Thx to those of you who were fun enough to actually answer the poll :)

Merry Christmas everyone !

We'd like to wish y'all a Merry Christmas
Thank you guys for your support: you're the best :)

Thursday 20 December 2007

The Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest (12/9/2007)

New picture of Carlos at the Skifest in Utah

No hard feelings Carlos, I'm sure you meant D3 ;)

Thursday 13 December 2007


According to some sources, Carlos was cast to play one of the lead character in the new Ben Rock horror film "Supermarket". He would co-star with Jeff Licon and Samantha Streets.

Let you guess what kind of character he plays...

Synopsis: Benny Hughes and Whitney Steadman are closing up at their small rural grocery store for the night, when suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation with a motley crew of armed intruders helmed by a man named Jason Ritter (aka Carlos). As hostages start dying, and dead bodies pile up in every aisle, the captives fight for their very survival... but they'll soon find that they face an enemy far more powerful, and strange, than they could ever imagine.

It is filming this month in L.A. .

Carlos, please, do not work too much on your Bad Guy side ;)

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