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Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you'll know you're dead. Tennessee Williams


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Monday 14 May 2007



10.5 Apocalypse, 2006, NBC, Dr Miguel Garcia

24 The Game, 2006, Video Game, Agent Tony Almeida’s voice

24, 2002-2006, 2008 FOX, Agent Tony Almeida

Walker Texas Ranger (episode “Without a Sound”), 2001, CBS, Raoul Hidalgo

Mars and Beyond, 2000, CSF, Lt. Ronaldo Alvarez

The Young and The Restless, 1999, CBS, Rafael Delgado

A Call to Arms (Babylon 5), 1999, TNT

Men in White, 1998, DIS

Sunset Beach, 1997, NBC

Nightman (episode “In the Style of the Night”) 20 October 1997, WB

Silk Stalkings, (episode “Pink Elephants”), 13 April 1997, CBS, Bradley Babcock

Moloney, 1997, CBS

FX The Series (episode “French Kiss”), 7 November 1996, UPN


Vegas, City of Dreams (with Erika Eleniak), 2001, Fountainhead Filmworks, Chico Escovedo

Message from Moscow, Darek Productions

The Colonel’s Last Flight, 2000, Nuts and Lloyd Production, Rosario

The Killing Jar, 1996, Paragon Pictures, Chajén


Blackout, 2003, Egyptian Theater, LA

Scenes from an Execution (with Franck Langella and Juliet Stervenson), Mark Taper Forum, LA

Good(with William Hurt) , American Conservatory Theatre, SF

Hamlet, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

Baby Gould in Hell, Ashbury Actors Group, LA

The Memorandum , Ashbury Actors Group, LA

Macbeth, Marin Shakespear Co

Superman: World Savour or Hermaphrodite from Hell, The 2nd City, Chicago

Hearthbreak House, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

As You Like, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

Hands Accross the Sea, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

Ways and Means, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

The Diary of Anne Frank, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

The Boor, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

The Cherry Orchard, American Conservatory Theatre, SF

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Imagine having the power...

Imagine...or remember...

Monday 8 January 2007

Hollywood Residential

For those of you who haven't seen Carlos appearance in Hollywood Residential, here's where you can see it :) Enjoy!!

ps: warning: the video is kinda long to download...

Monday 2 October 2006

24 (2003-2006)

Season 2:

Season 3

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Season 5

10.5 Apocalypse (2006)


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