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Wednesday 18 April 2007

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Added today in the following categories :-)

Public Events
24 Season Five DVD Collection Launch Party Arrivals (04/12/2006)
The 9th Annual American Film Institute Golf Classic Presented by General Actors (25/09/2006)
The 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (27/08/2006)
The 21st Annual Imagen Awards (18/08/2006)
Discuss Fact vs Fiction in War on Terror (23/06/2006)
The World Poker Tour (22/02/2006)
The Legends Celebrity Invitational Charity Poker Tournament (03/02/2006)
The Fox Winter TCA Party (17/01/2006)
The Kenneth Cole Opens Flagship Los Angeles Store (08/12/2005)
The Irving Berlin's White Christmas Los Angeles Opening (28/11/2005)
The 57th Annual Emmy Awards (18/09/2005)
The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts Event (13/09/2005)
The 2005 G-Phoria Videogame Awards (27/07/2005)
The 45th Monte Carlo TV Festival (30/06/2005)
The 20th Annual Imagen Awards (08/06/2005)
The 2005-2006 A&E Television Networks Front (21/04/2005)
The 2005 Oscar's Award Lounge (24/01/2005)
The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presenting Behind the Scenes of 24 (29/01/2004)
The 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards (25/01/2004)
The Fox TV Critics Association Press Tour (16/01/2004)
The Academy of TV Arts and Sciences Area Emmy Awards (06/09/2003)
The 20th Anniversary William S.Paley Television Festival (26/02/2003)
The 60th Golden Globe Awards (19/01/2003)


On the set

Those people who talk about Carlos

Actress Kim Raver
"Carlos is definitely the prankster of the group." (source)

Actress Reiko Aylesworth
"Carlos is hysterically funny. He has this dry sense of humor where he lets you think he's serious for the longest time. One week he had Kiefer convinced that he was wearing a hairpiece. He kept coming up to Kiefer and saying, "Is this on right?" And he's always doing stuff like that." (source)

"Carlos and I worked well together from the beginning. It's fun to play the chemistry especially when you are really safe with the other person. I feel so lucky to have matched up with Carlos. He is funny and smart. I don't have enough accolades for him. He was really open to working with me right away. We have a great and easy time together" (24 magazine, 12/2006).

Sunday 8 April 2007

Carlos to play in Fox's pilot "Nurses"?

According to some sources, Carlos would have been cast to star in Fox one-hour pilot "Nurses" (previously known as "Philadelphia General).

"Nurses," from 20th TV, is a comedic drama about the lives and loves of a team of nurses. Carlos Bernard would play Doctor Richmond, and would co-star with Eliza Dushku ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) who would play the lead, a young woman just out of nursing school who joins the hospital run by her father.

This information has still to be confirmed, but Carlos as a doctor...much good may it do us! :-p
Happy Easter everyone ! :-)

Thursday 5 April 2007

Music Video "Everything I cannot see" by Charlotte Gainsbourg

Tuesday 3 April 2007

Poll Results

In which tv show do you think Carlos would have been perfect?

Rome ("Tu Quoque Mi Fili") 50 votes (15%)
Grey's Anatomy (as a surgeon in scrubs :D) 50 votes (15%)
Desperate Housewives playing with Eva 25 votes (8%)
Prison Break (a friend of Scofield or a cop) 43 votes (13%)
House (sarcasm beats killing people!) 36 votes (11%)
Whatever he does he's always wonderful :) 136 votes (40%)

So apparently everybody would like to see Carlos in something....anything.... :D

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