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Thursday 20 December 2007

The Deer Valley Celebrity Skifest (12/9/2007)

New picture of Carlos at the Skifest in Utah

No hard feelings Carlos, I'm sure you meant D3 ;)

Thursday 13 December 2007


According to some sources, Carlos was cast to play one of the lead character in the new Ben Rock horror film "Supermarket". He would co-star with Jeff Licon and Samantha Streets.

Let you guess what kind of character he plays...

Synopsis: Benny Hughes and Whitney Steadman are closing up at their small rural grocery store for the night, when suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a hostage situation with a motley crew of armed intruders helmed by a man named Jason Ritter (aka Carlos). As hostages start dying, and dead bodies pile up in every aisle, the captives fight for their very survival... but they'll soon find that they face an enemy far more powerful, and strange, than they could ever imagine.

It is filming this month in L.A. .

Carlos, please, do not work too much on your Bad Guy side ;)

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