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Tuesday 5 December 2006

The Deer Valley Celebrity skifest (12/03/2006)

2 days ago, Carlos was in Utah to take part in the Deer Valley Celebrity skifest (Deer Valley Resort, Park City).

Seemingly, he was defeated by singer James Blunt :-/ ...but we all know he let him win! :-p

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Check you local listing for time on CBS! :-)

The 24 Season 5 DVD Release Party (12/04/2006)


trying to regain consciousness :-p

So...last night in LA ( ;-) ), Carlos attended the 24 Season 5 DVD Release Party with his brother...

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A few words of him during this evening... About the party "It feels a little like going back to visit high school". About the reasons of the success of 24: "It's a combination of everything. It's writing, it's the acting, the camera guys and the editors, the music. It's a real collaborative effort".

PS// Nice styles in clothing... we are amost here LOL

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