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Sunday 8 April 2007

Carlos to play in Fox's pilot "Nurses"?

According to some sources, Carlos would have been cast to star in Fox one-hour pilot "Nurses" (previously known as "Philadelphia General).

"Nurses," from 20th TV, is a comedic drama about the lives and loves of a team of nurses. Carlos Bernard would play Doctor Richmond, and would co-star with Eliza Dushku ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ) who would play the lead, a young woman just out of nursing school who joins the hospital run by her father.

This information has still to be confirmed, but Carlos as a doctor...much good may it do us! :-p
Happy Easter everyone ! :-)

Sunday 4 March 2007


This information has still to be confirmed...

According to Mary Lynn Rajksub, Carlos held a mock funeral for his character in 24 and as Cast and crew did not attend, he went apeshit and stole 3 laptops from the CTU set.'s nice but it wasn't that necessary. LOL


Sunday 14 January 2007

Carlos said...

"I am trying to watch Rome I just haven’t been able to watch enough to get into it."


Our advice: Try again, because this season...

you can not miss the show! ;-) 8-)

So tonight forget 24 (remember, the show has lost a great character :-/ ) and watch Rome on HBO at 9pm.

Warning: Carlos is not starring in Rome, we just want to support a great TV show and its actors ( actress?! ;-) )

Monday 8 January 2007

Hollywood Residential

For those of you who haven't seen Carlos appearance in Hollywood Residential, here's where you can see it :) Enjoy!!

ps: warning: the video is kinda long to download...

Carlos on "The E! True Hollywood Story" next saturday!

Next saturday, producers and actors of "24" will appear on "The E! True Hollywood Story" . Do not miss the show, Carlos should be one of the cast interviewed! ;-)

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